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Contrary to promotional statements, lawsuits alleged that plavix is not safe for all of the purposes indicated by the makers.

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he has been on plavix from the beginning and 325 mg aspirin along with other meds.

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plavix works by keeping platelets apart and stopping them sticking together and forming clots.

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if i had been told from the beginning that i would have to stay on plavix forever i would have chosen a different stent, i worry like you about bleed outs and blood disorders, and want to be off of plavix, i can tolerate aspirin so my next question to my new dr is why cant i just take a whole aspirin like my mom did after she had stents and open heart surgery bypass, one thing that might help the bleedout thing is taking metamucil with your medication thing my mom took it for years and lived to be 97 it helps your chloresterol also but protects your stomach and bowels.

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plavix is not an anti-platelet drug – it is a platelet aggregation inhibitor.


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