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Depending on the condition and a person s individual constitution, shatavari can be taken alone, cooked in milk, ingested as a medicated ghee or oil, or made into a paste and applied externally.

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also known as hundred husbands for its beneficial effects in women and reproductive function, shatavari is also very popular as a galactogogue in india and china.

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saponins sapo-nins a group of active plant compounds in shatavari thought responsible for its benefits.

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men taking shatavari will notice an increase in sexual energy due to the herb s ability to strengthen the sexual organs and reduce inflammation in the reproductive system.

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indigo herbs has made sure that these two organic shatavari products have come to you in their purest form, in line with organic and ayurvedic specifications so you can gain the most benefit from this amazing ingredient.

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shatavari powder also promotes maternal health.


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